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Laundry Strips – Tru Earth

Laundry Strips – Tru Earth


Lightweight and easy to use laundry strips.

Eco-strips are cut into pre-measured strips of powerful detergent which you just tear off and put in your wash. One strip per wash, half strip if you only have half a load.  

The strips are effective in hot and cold water and can be used in every type of washing machine including high efficiency machines. They can also be used for hand wash and are perfect for taking when you travel or go camping.

The hypoallergenic properties make the strips fantastic for everyone as they are gentle on sensitive skin, protecting both you and your clothes. They are even kind to the most sensitive of skins so put your worries to rest. Free from parabens, phosphates, chlorine bleach and added dyes to make them as safe and non-toxic as possible.

Packed in paper packaging that can be recycled or composted after use. 32 stripes for 32 full washes.

Scent: Fresh Linen

 Why do we like them?

  • Easy to use, pre-measured portions
  • Very effective in removing stains
  • Lightweight and take very little space at home
  • Can be used in hot and cold wash
  • Suitable for white and coloured clothes
  • Safe to use even if you are on a septic system
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Paraben-free, Phosphate-free, Chlorine bleach free, Free from added dyes
  • Plastic free



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