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Plant-Based Vegan Dental Floss - 100m

Plant-Based Vegan Dental Floss - 100m


A 2 pack of plant-based floss in plant-based packaging.

This floss is made from 100% renewable resources instead of the normal crude oil plastic and uses 80% fewer greenhouse gasses than regular floss. It started its life as corn from a previously wasted by-product from the food industry.

Eco Floss is 100% vegan and has been made from GMO free corn. The twin pack contains 100 meters of floss in two separate bobbins. This should last you for approximately six months if used daily.

Made in the EU. Packaged in paper and bioplastic. 

For every pack sold, ecoLiving plants a tree through Eden Reforestation Projects - planting native trees help prevent climate change and reduce extreme poverty. ecoLiving is also a member of the 1% For The Planet, donating a portion of its profits to protecting our oceans against plastic pollution. Cleaner Teeth, Cleaner Planet.

 Why do we like it?

  • Biodegradable
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Made with scientifically formulated food grade vegetal wax
  • Palm oil free
  • No GMOs
  • Vegan
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Made in the EU with full control over ingredients and manufacturing process



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